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Our team (Tami Evnin, Alex Gekker, and Hirumi Nanayakkara) won a world wide design challenge to incorporate the 7scenes mobile platform into a game/app for the PICNIC conference in Amsterdam.



Weave PICNIC’s theme of Urban Futures and pop-up / ad-hoc city microcosms and social market bazaars into a physical social networking application via 7scenes & Twitter, stimulated by social gaming mechanics (set collections, micro-missions, building structure together).

Based on PICNIC’s tagline of “What Are You Bringing?” we want to materialize the skills and resources each person brings to PICNIC using 7scenes. With 7scenes, players create ad-hoc “picnics” with each other at NSDM Wharf to collect and trade skills with other players into their virtual picnic basket. This interaction is designed for times in between lectures/events or for after hours networking opportunities.

Players are assigned to pre-existing teams and must work together to collect resources, in the form of playing cards, to build a city together. Teams can gift rivalrous, resources to other teams’ players they interact with, as a sign of a good will or trade amongst others. While the Urban Futures PICNIC is building a real-world, temporary physical city, the BSIT game will be building an Urban Futures social and online city, by compiling all ad hoc interactions into an organized city structure with an overarching game ending.


Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.36.23 PM


The card game is synced to the mobile 7Scenes geo-spatial story-telling app.







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