Smart Rx

Rx Bottles detect bad drug interactions in proximity through an ad hoc wireless mesh, while calmly alerting users to other potential drug issues. Recycling of bottles is encouraged through interactive E-ink labels that display current state of the prescription while ensuring redundant protection for pill mislabeling.


The Target pill bottle design perfected many aspects of Rx design, so this bottle concept borrows the more significant points. E-ink memory storage is stored in the bottle instead of the cap to ensure accurate drug information if pill caps are swapped.

ZigBee chips create an ad hoc wireless mesh network between prescriptions. Drug interaction warnings appear on e-ink label.

Rx caps emit slow pulsing alert for conditions not safe for specific drugs based on sensors stored within each cap.

Electromagnetic induction is used to easily charge Rx caps. Induction mats can be fitted to the interior shelf of a medicine cabinet or bathroom counter.


After multiple calls to Zitomer & Rite-Aid pharmacies and the Food and Drug Administration, the percentage of this death statistic attributed to each area is unavailable, but they are factored in.


Proprietary system that solves some problems with Rx

Re-imagines the pill bottle as a slide loading mechanism for ease of use. Does not address other Rx issues.

An award winning design that solves many issues with processing medication and ease of use.

A conceptual prototype for E-ink-enabled Rx bottles.


Testing bottle cap opening ease of use. The tab cap proved to be an easier mechanism.

Additional testing is required in all aspects.

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