Mobility Shifts: SMS Game

Collaborated with Carnegie Mellon developers to build an SMS Texting “informal learning” Spy Game for the Mobility Shifts: Future of Learning Conference

Mobility Shifts Themes Applied to Game:

Informal Peer Networks and
Computer Hacking Learning As Risk-Taking
Uncertainty Abductive Participation Relationships Between Non-Monetary Economies
Mobile Platforms with More Than One-Way Content
Collaborative Thinking
Embodied Learning

Become a spy and use your mobile phone to reveal the identities of other spies on your target list. To identify a spy, covertly snap a photo of them, using their conference badge as identification. Show your target the photo – they must reveal their secret ID# to you. Successfully hack the target and gain points by texting their secret ID#. Help fellow spies by concealing them if they’ve been hacked, to earn extra points.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 10.42.19 AM

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