NYC Promenade interface


We were tasked with creating an inventive intervention in the public sphere. We chose the Brooklyn Heights Promenade as our location, because of the broad diversity it attracts; tourists, babysitters, runners, passive viewers and locals stroll by this beautiful place everyday.

People come here primarily for the breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline. The place was designed for that purpose – all the benches face Manhattan.

We wanted to engage those that only come for the Manhattan view (specifically tourists). By giving visitors a unique view - connecting the Manhattan skyline with Brooklyn’s - and letting the viewer peer from the opposite side of the East River, they would garner interest in the immediate area and spend some time walking around the Brooklyn neighborhood.


▲ To increase interaction between Manhattan and Brooklyn.
▲ Foster social interaction of the participants.
▲ Give additional information about the Skyline and the surroundings of the Promenade.
▲ Interact with the site in a playful manner.

The device consists of a double-sided canvas, which is divided in five vertical sections. Each section has a pivot mechanism that allows them to be turned in 360 degrees to view both sides fluidly.

Site location


The participants can use the device as they want, giving them the freedom to see only one side, both sides or a mix between both sides, depending on which sections they turn.

The panels contain information about buildings in both skylines: name, year of construction, height, designers and purpose.

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Additional User Interaction


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