Space Hell

A lone astronaut drifts through the cold depths of space unknown – cognitive dissonance and paranoia brood in the trenches of his mind. The solitary explorer’s path into the void challenges and reshapes his core, while mirroring our own sequestered maturation through this collection of contemporary, multi-media space debris.

December 11th- January 22nd

Art by

JR Baldwin -
Ana Benaroya -
Eric Branscum
David Chen
Steven Fiche -
Steven Glover
Shelby Holol with PFFR
Christy Karacas of Augenblick Studios
Stina Löfgren
Craig Miller
Ian Nitta -
Alia Penner -
Johnny Ryan -
Anastasia Shepherd
Dave Sirus -
Edythe Smith
Sam Yurick
Jonathan Zajdman -
Zzalgern0n -

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