People’s Skype

A phone-powered, distributed voice and voting system over regular phone systems (so it works on old and new phones).

    • Used in activist movements across the US
    • Adapted for other uses in Jamaica, Nigeria and South Korea.


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One phone turns into a one way conference call, turning listener phones into an amplified speaker system.

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Listeners can vote via keypad on topics that the speaker brings up, in order to promote 2 way feedback.

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Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 10.53.05 AM

Interaction Flow Diagram, how the user operates the system.

Works on all phones


The People’s Mic works well for small General Assemblies, but in larger GAs, multiple echoes of the speaker’s words is hard to follow.


The People’s Skype can help! Call & create a new Mic. Share the unique Mic PIN with others. Use phone speakerphones to create a distributed PA system.


Listeners can vote by dialing on their phone’s keypad. Hundreds of people can listen and vote at the same time.


People’s Skype can also help in special cases, like communicating across police barriers or kettled areas.

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