After discussions with Red Hook community members, the idea of a tangible map interface began to emerge. To start thinking about how items can “drop” in to the map, with the possibility of layers or other pseudo 3d elements, I cut out pieces that indirectly resembled a Jean Arp piece…

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Creating a narrative motion graphics video to help layout how a mesh functions and how my work plays into this. First round of sketches, larger frames + flesh out story next week:

After discussing mesh logistics with Isaac from Freedom Net Foundation, I was able to document how their “Freedom Tower” (directional antenna array) and dual 4G hub (with load balancing) works, running Funkfeuer router firmware:

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Based on feedback from the last critique, I’ve moved away from a philosophical perspective on research and into a more grounded, tangible approach. I’ve been focusing on research in community theory and proximity-based exchange economies – a recent discovery of NetHood  , which is also working in bridging the physical and virtual gap for community wireless infrastructure, has affirmed my own direction and led me to aspire further. I’m focused now on developing real needs and applications for proximity based communication and reciprocal exchange, to build trust and interdependence between users, that are seperate from, but extensions of the need for mesh networks.

Merging physical and digital media (books, movies, music) to one point of user awareness. The ability to show off their “stuff”, in the same way people have bookshelves to show off their favorite titles, is very important. When neighbors or friends visit and glance at that shelf, conversation arises about similar interests in that media. The act of letting the other borrow that piece of media creates a very strong social bond of trust. Bridging digital and physical commodities, a hybrid bookshelf, justifies proximity mesh environments. The neighbor can borrow a book, movie or album physically, or copy it digitally. The digital atmosphere allows clusters of people in both digital and virtual realms to share like-minded media, creating a complex, self-contained exchange economy.

Community fridge (outside) posts shared notes, photos, and community schedules (meetings, parties, etc.)

Community fridge (inside) allows a consolidated listing of neighbors food open to reciprocal exchange: (Mary, Dev & Simone are sharing eggs…) || (Cora has leftovers!) || (William just harvested Basil & Eggplant)

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