Community Network Survey

I’ve developed a new community network survey to cast out to the hundreds of community (mesh) networks around the world:

I’ve implemented an embedded translation tool to reach the largest audience (Greece, Slovenia, etc.).

The questions are based on a wide range of research into social network / community theory (including sources from Gemeinschaft vs. Gesellschaft,  Social Capital, Anthropology of Online Communities, Critical Infrastructures, Building Wireless Community Networks, Network nature of Community Online and Offline, Community network digital ecosystems, Socially Motivated Wireless Network Communities, Community Building on the Web, various new research surveys I have uncovered by Laura Forlano that address more social oriented interaction, and others).

I am now seeding this survey to contacts I have at various communities and mesh-related mailing lists.

After I gather the data, I will cross reference each networks success with average income and physical topology to map optimal social interactions and development between members.