openWRT + lighttpd + wifi dog/nodogsplash + ubiquiti

After experimenting/configuring the Ubiquiti antennas, I flashed openWRT on a TP-Link WR1043nd Gigabit-N router. Working with embedded linux operating systems, in this case on the router itself, can be a bit tricky I found out. First step, ssh to [email protected], or wherever the default gateway is.

Basic navigation within the file system of openWRT, then figuring out the wonders of fdisk and USB mount packages to read/write to external USB memory sticks / drives attached directly to the router.

Installed lighttpd (a lightweight web server running on the router, to deliver web pages, etc.). After realizing that WiFi Dog wasn’t able to work for basic captive portals without an authentication server, I switched over to nodogsplash, a branch of WifiDog (combined with the original nocatsplash), which was able to easily redirect all pages to this default one, for now.

This mess of cabling represents a fully operational, multi-access point to router/server setup. Now, when one connects to an AP through the nanostations or bullet, they are automatically re-routed to a HTML file on the router. This will be the first step in the Red Hook Housing Projects setup. One last crazy point with Ubiquiti was a problem I had when trying to connect devices to the APs…had to disable AirMax and set the channel width to 20mHz.