This survey is for research on the social layer in community wireless networks. Please send to all others involved in community networks.

What is the name of your community network? Where is it located?

How many people are part of the community network?

How do you contribute to the network, what is your role?

How do you feel about your community network?

Has the community network developed or strengthened relationships you have with other members? In what ways?

Has there ever been a \"bad\" member of the network? What did they do, and how did the community deal with the member?

How do new members find your network? Do you have an outreach program?

Does everyone have equal responsibility to maintain the network, or is there a hierarchy?

Can anyone join the network, or is there a membership system / trial (screening) period?

Do you have a say in how the network is run? Do other members ever tell you what to do?

Are real world gatherings (meetings, dinners, concerts) ever organized by the community network? Is local law / policy / community activism ever discussed?

Is your community network connected directly to other community networks (not through the Internet)? Which ones?

Do you feel \"engaged in\" or \"part of\" your community on the network and in real life? Do you feel safe with your neighbors online and offline? Why or why not?

Do you attend any real world community network meetings? If so, what do you contribute?

How do you interact with other members on your community network (file sharing, forums, chat, ...)? Do you feel freedom to express or share all of your thoughts and ideas with others?

Do others ever reward you with virtual or real world gifts / money for helping contribute to the community network? Do you reward others for contributing to the network?

Do you have a reputation or status in your community, online or offline?

Do you trust others in the community network? Why or why not?

Are you part of the network for your own benefit, to help others or a combination of both?