Red Hook Housing Projects

Beginning work with Tony Schloss from the Red Hook Initiative on a network for the Red Hook Housing Projects (~10,000, Spanish and English speaking residents, with little Internet/computers in their homes. Majority of information accessed through Android smartphones). Initial plans involve setting up a location specific captive portal (splash screen that pops up when users connect to WiFi), that will have community specific content, such as streaming (and user feedback) of the community radio that Tony works with, as well as other communication tools.

First day of surveying Red Hook Housing Projects area. We decided to start the network from the roof of the Red Hook Initiative, using either directional antennas (ubiquiti nanostation m2s) or an omnidirectional (ubiquiti bullet). The next step will be setting up these antennae with a basic splash screen to test range.

Future plans involve connecting omnidirectionals to Coffy Park, which sits near the middle of the Housing Projects. Currently in contact with NYC Wireless, consulting on how they dealt with the NYC Parks Dept. when setting up other WiFi connections in NYC parks.

From an earlier meeting, a hasty drawing of the layout of the Red Hook Housing Projects that Tony and I plotted out future growth of the network on.