Technical Module

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Discussion on my current involvement with technical/theoretical partners in the mesh world, create this graphic to represent these connections:

After that, an overview of my current work with the Red Hook Housing Projects and physical challenges that have come up so far, such as the inability to run cabling down the building side into a pre-drilled hole (as it’s completely sealed), so we will be running the cable through an AC duct, using industrial CAT5e cable designed for those purposes.

I also discussed another, secret (unbroadcasted SSID) network I’m running in the 12th floor MFADT lab at Parsons, as a testbed for the software and hardware I’m working for Red Hook. The primary purpose of this network is to provide Internet to students, because the DHCP on the school network wifi has run out of leases (unable to connect more people) and questionable software is required to connect, which could possibly be spyware.

Also, I talked about research work with Jeetu & Erle of eBrainPool, on the best options for service discovery when dealing with decetralized software that runs on mesh networks (there’s a protocol called zeroconf which is able to find other zeroconf running computers/devices on a network by sending out bursts of “hellos” in all directions).

Lastly, I mentioned some further ideas involving the idea of Web 3.0, user-assistant agent style uses for a home router or device connected to a mesh, in that local machines could converse directly with each other, providing seamless information to users.