Ubiquiti Antennas

This past Saturday was spent experimenting with the crazy range of options available through the AirOS interface on the Ubiquiti network antennas. This equipment was developed for ISP (Internet Service Provider) solutions, but their low cost and ease of flashing custom firmware have made them prime targets for experimental mesh networks. The equipment comes with no documentation, other than the default IP gateway/login info to connect to, after creating a manual IP ethernet connection. The majority of my research came from a combination of blind testing and searching Google for basic questions answered through online forums and scrapped together step by step guides.

Ubiquiti Nanostation M2s (Directional Antennas) and a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 w/ 8dBi omnidirectional antenna. Each was broadcasting as an Access point (so regular computers/devices can connect), with maximum power on each device, and separate channels.

The AirOS interface seen above, experimenting with Station + Bridging, Access point + Routing, setting up DHCP assigning/IP range, etc.

Testing range of each antenna with the wonderful Android app “Wifi Analyzer.”

Check the channel interference from other networks (the two nanostations are seen in red, overarching the access points)